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    • YAMAHA SR400 1994 【Frame No. 】 1 JR-301101 to 320000
    • YAMAHA SR400 1997 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • YAMAHA SR400 1998 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • YAMAHA SR400 1999 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • YAMAHA SR400 2000 【Frame No. 】 1JR-
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Jan 9, 2018Perfect fit and good craftmanship
    Really nice fit and quality product, Tailight bright and easy installation .Really fast shipping. Very satisfy with this product definately buy more from you guys. Well done webike JapanLee mas
    • KAWASAKI W800 : W650 : W400
    al corriente Jan 5, 2018Oscar goodness
    Por Uli (3)DeNew Zealand
    As good as the short rear fender. Great fit, great value. Looks so much cleaner than the original front fender. But you have to live with lot more water on you when it rains.
    Exactly what I wanted! Lee mas
    • KAWASAKI W800
    al corriente Jan 5, 2018Good old Oscar
    Por Uli (3)DeNew Zealand
    Oscar plastics are usually first grade after market parts. As this little fender shows again. Looks very sexy on my beloved bike!
    Good value for money!Lee mas
    • KAWASAKI W800
    al corriente Jan 5, 2018Kawasaki Original
    Por Uli (3)DeNew Zealand
    Best quality and looks!
    What else to say?
    Fits perfectly and had a great price! I think now only available with the cafe racer front fairing.Lee mas
    • HONDA GYROX TD01-2100001-2400001-
    • HONDA GYRO CANOPY (Late stage) TA-02-1500001-1599999 TA-02-1600001-
    al corriente Dec 22, 2017Very good quality
    Por Shiloh (2)DeNew Zealand
    I'm more than happy with the KN Planning crank so far!
    The fit and finish is excellent, bearing feels smooth and it's easily as well made as a stock on in my mind.Lee mas
    • YAMAHA Remote control JOG [jog] 06-07 (*5SU7 / 5 SUB <CV 50 R>
    • part 05 model (Body harness changed with genuine CDI labeled car) Conform. )
    • YAMAHA JOG-Z [jog] II 06 - 07 <5 SW 6 / 8>
    • YAMAHA Basic JOG [jog] 06-07 <5 X N 4 / 5 / 6> (*5KN1 / 2 / 3 is not possible. )
    • YAMAHA JOG [jog] / C 06-07 (*5SU8 / 5SUC <CV50A remote control less specification>
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Dec 14, 2017Yamaha Jog Cv50 2007
    Bought this for my cv50 Yamaha jog with the 5su engine. Straight plug and play. Even though I'm not always going over the rev limit. Its good to know that I can and not restricted by it. Excellent buy...Lee mas
    • YAMAHA JOG APRIO (Aplio) [YJ50] 2000 【Frame No. 】 SA11J-
    • YAMAHA JOG CASUAL (casual) [YV50C] 1998 【Frame No. 】 SA01J-
    • YAMAHA JOG EX[YG50EX] 1993 【Frame No. 】 3YK-5337101 to 5428000
    • YAMAHA JOG Z II[YV50Z] 1998 【Frame No. 】 SA04J-
    • YAMAHA VINO CLASSIC (Bino Classic) [YJ50R] 2000 【Frame No. 】 SA 10 J-
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Dec 14, 2017Awesome screws
    Great for replacing the stock Phillips screws which tend to burr easily. Fits my cv50 jog perfectly. Easy to use and is a great replacement. Would highly recommend.Lee mas
    • YAMAHA JOG [jog] / Remote control JOG [jog] 5KN All models / 5SU 1-4
    • JOG [jog] -ZR / -ZII (Remote control JOG [JOG]) 5PT · 5SW All models
    • JOG [jog] -EX / -Z · Super JOG [jog] - Z 3 YK 1 - 6
    • Super JOG [jog] - ZR 3 YKB
    • JOG [jog] / -ZII 5EM All models
    • ...y más.
    Bought this for my 2007 cv50 Yamaha jog with 5su engine. Feel like the description of the variator is a bit misleading. Says power drive kit for more acceleration which was not the case. The stock var...Lee mas
    • YAMAHA JOG [jog] Size of 15X12
    Exactly as the title says, good for testing and tuning but the quality is quite average. After each test checked the rollers and they seem to be a bit worn already. Also the packaging is comes in isn'...Lee mas
    al corriente Nov 13, 2017Comfortable and Stylish
    The Radich NX open face helmet is well made and comfortable to wear. Webike and OGK website both state the helmet is JIS certified, but the only sticker I can find is the PCS/GS logo.Lee mas
    al corriente Nov 13, 2017Excellent Quality Slider
    Well made and easy to fit. It doesn't detract from the bikes lines. Shipping service was excellent from Webike. Very pleased. Lee mas
    al corriente Oct 31, 2017good styling
    product in good quality, easy fitment, looks exactly same as picture.
    only issue I got is the short pipe which fit between 2 exhaust, it's about the same diameter as the exhaust, really tight to fi...Lee mas
    al corriente Oct 26, 2017Good value
    Used these for commuting nearly everyday for the last 6 weeks, and for the price vs quality they are very good. Some slight wear showing, but i am pretty hard on my gloves so thus far i'm very happy w...Lee mas
    al corriente Oct 26, 2017Great multipupose brush
    Have used this on both spoked wheels, cast rims and even mag wheels on my car. It does a very good job of cleaning the hard to get to bits that you can't get to (not only rims) with a sponge effective...Lee mas
  • Encaja:
    al corriente Sep 15, 2017The sound is just fantastic
    looks awesome, sounds good, is loud but not too loud it makes the bike sound like a much bigger engine.
    very high quality build and easily modified only spacers and longer bolt needed to work with a ...Lee mas
  • Encaja:
    • HONDA ZOOMER [Zoomer] 01-07 / 9 <AF 58>
    al corriente Sep 15, 2017Get this part
    If you care about improving the performance of you bike get this part it with a variatior has doubled the top end speed of my Zoomer get this part
    I have done 5000km since installing this part with ...Lee mas
  • Encaja:
    • HONDA CREA SCOOPY AF55 [Conforming other information] All models
    • HONDA SMART DIO AF56 [Conforming other information] All models
    • HONDA CREA SCOOPY [Claire squirrel] i AF55 [Conforming other information] All models
    • HONDA BITE AF59 [Conforming other information] All models
    • HONDA Smart Dio Z4 AF57 [Conforming other information] All models
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Sep 15, 2017needed performance upgrade
    i was running stock unit which was not performing well enough this setup with 6G rollers has fantastic acceleration and a massive improvement to top end speed (100kg rider in gear tops out at 80kph on...Lee mas
  • Encaja:
    • HONDA All models of Zoomer
    al corriente Sep 15, 2017Must do improvement
    fantastic quality easy to install are very visible even in bright sunlight despite the dark tint and just make the bike look so much coolerLee mas
  • Encaja:
    al corriente Sep 15, 2017fantastic quality part
    looks good weighs nothing compared to stock air filter setup adds induction noise and is easy to service a must if you are looking to upgradeLee mas
  • Encaja:
    • HONDA CREA SCOOPY i AF55-1000001-1699999
    • HONDA CREA SCOOPY AF55-1000001-1699999
    • HONDA ZOOMER AF58-1000001-1699999
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Sep 15, 2017looks awesome works well
    fantastic looking and rugged, all while being lighter than the OEM radiator guard excellent purchase will purchase again for my next buildLee mas
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