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Enchufes de Iridium LMAR8BI-9 91909

Precio habitual: 16.61 EUR (2,000 yen)
Precio: 10.96 EUR (1,319 yen)
5.66 EUR (34%)
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Artículo Disponible : 4 Unidades
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Fecha de Envío: 2019-11-13 (Horario Japonés)

SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2

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[Número de inventario] 91909
[Número de producto NGK] LMAR8BI-9
[Valor térmico] 8

Tapa integrada en la resistencia de cerámica para reducir el ruido causado por la chispa del enchufe.
Al combinarse con un Plug con resistencia, demostrará un mayor efecto de prevención de ruido.
*Diez (1 caja) Incluso si compra en unidades, no se entregará en una caja.

* [Descripción del símbolo de observaciones del tipo de vehículo]
◎: compra de cada ruta del fabricante.
☆: utilice un enchufe con terminal de tipo integrado.
▼ El ángulo de rotación de apriete es diferente. (http://www.ngk-sparkplugs.jp/products/sparkplugs/basic/04_01.html) Consulte y consulte el ángulo de rotación de apriete apropiado.
◇: dado que hay dos tipos de formas de terminal, utilícelas con la forma de terminal especificada por el fabricante.
[Stock Parts Number] 91909
[NGK Parts Number] LMAR8BI-9
[Heat Value] 8
Plug Body/Terminal Image: T

NGK標準プラグ 即納可能リスト

In Wei BigStock all items of NGKPlugdoing.
* Manufacturer missing item etc., temporarily stock may have run out

1. Acceleration Up
Quick response to Axel opening, you can feel the difference with general plug.If you replace it with Iridium plugs, acceleration is up.

2. Engine Power Pap
Iridium plugs will power up engine performance, you can enjoy the comfortable riding by demonstrating the strength with uphill climbing.

3. Up of Ignitability and Startability
The Iridium plugs ignites the ultra-fine electrode quickly, enhances the startability of the engine, Idling also stabilizes because of less spark fluctuation.

4. Upgrade fuel efficiency
Because Iridium plugs are excellent in ignitability, it efficiently burns Gasoline.It is a Plug that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

As Premium Plug for Normal engine, Iridium plugs which realized superior ignitability and Improved Response to Large width by adopting ultrafine Windshield IRIDIUM Integrated Gold for the center electrode.It is thin electrode and sparks easy to fly Energy is large Ignitability derives the performance of Up.Engine to the maximum Large limit and ThermoEdge at the tip of the insulator is attached to the attached Carbon (Burning residue) It burns out, prevents ignition performance of Plug from deteriorating, maintain high performance.

[Features of Windshield IRIDIUMIXPlug]
Windshield IRIDIUMIX Plug is a high performance Plug which expands combustion faster than General Plug and also has ThermoEdge at the tip of the insulator to improve Plug contamination.
We adopted Windshield IRIDIUM Integrated Gold for the center electrode.
We made the electrode finer than WhiteGold and improved the ignition performance.In addition, ThermoEdge effect is a Plug which is resistant to Carbon contamination.
· The center electrode is very thin, and the outer electrode tip is Taper cut.
· Sparks are easy to fly and excellent ignition performance.
· Startability · Acceleration · Improvement of Idling's stability, as well as excellent fuel economy.
· Since the fire extinguishing action of the plug electrode becomes smaller, Ignition performance improves.

* The effect depends on the vehicle.

[About Terminal (Terminal) Shape of Plug]
● Terminal suitable for the installation side of Engine · Plug cord (Terminal) Please choose a shape.
Plug's Terminal (Terminal) The shape, "Integrated" "Separable type" "Screw type" "PunchCrimp type" there is.
Mainly for four-wheeled vehicles "Integrated" "PunchCrimp type" For motorcycles "Screw type" Is used, and in the plug used for both the four wheels and the two wheels "Separable type" There is setting of.
Also, "Separable type" Terminal (Terminal) Although it is partly off, "Integrated" "PunchCrimp type" Then, (Terminal) Parts will not come off, try to forcibly remove Terminal (Terminal) Parts may break.
"Separable type" To "Screw type" When using as Terminal (Terminal) Please remove Nut.
Terminal (Terminal) When using it with Nut attached, please check that there is no slack, if you are loose, please tighten lightly with Pliers etc.

[Features of NGKPlug]
The center electrode enclosed copper near the tip so that a large amount of heat could escape quickly "Copper core entered" It is structured.
By this, it is strong both for burning and smoldering "Wide range" Plug is realized.
When comparing the thermal characteristics of the Plug containing copper core and Plug without copper core, the Plug with copper core is excellent in thermal characteristics and contamination resistance, and the heat range is wide.
■ Thermal value of Plug
· Excellent insulation at high temperature, ensuring Spark.
· Excellent thermal conductivity, preventing over burning.
· Thermal shock (Rapid heating/rapid cooling) It is strong and has excellent mechanical strength.
Because it is joining the insulator and the main body Bracket with special powder, it is excellent in airtightness and strong in structure.
It uses special Nickel gold electrode and has excellent durability.
During parking, high voltage is constantly applied between Terminal and the main Bracket.
The high voltage attempts to leak along the surface of the insulator, and if the required voltage between the spark gaps is high, the FLUSHOver is likely to occur.
In order to prevent FLUSHOver, insulator corrugation (Fold) , It is possible to secure insulation by preventing insulator surface distance between Terminal and Main Bracket and to prevent FLUSHOver.
What is FLUSHOver ...
Sparking between Terminal and the main Bracket as shown in the picture.
■ The point that Plug is excellent
*This product will not be deliver in a box even if you purchase 10pcs. (1 box).

*[Description of vehicle model remarks sign]
Please purchase from each manufacturer route.
Please use plug with integrated type terminal.
Tightening rotation angle is different. Please refer on how to install the plug (http://www.ngk-sparkplugs.jp/products/sparkplugs/basic/04_01.html) and install it with an appropriate tightening rotation angle.
Please use with the terminal shape specified by the manufacturer because there are two types of terminal shapes.
* La imagen es solo como referencia. La imagen mostrada puede diferir del producto real.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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    Enchufes de Iridium LMAR8BI-9 91909 NGK
    Encaja: SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2
    • SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2

    Spark plugs

    Al corriente Nov 3, 2019

    I was looking for 4 pieces of iridium spark plugs for my v-strom 1000 for self-replacement. Webike had what I was looking for at reasonable price. The economy shoppinh plan took awhile but I ordered it well in advance so it wasn't an issue. The packing was very secure with a plastic bag, wrapped with air cushions inside the box. I received thes...

    Enchufes de Iridium LMAR8BI-9 91909 NGK
    Encaja: SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2
    • SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2

    Spark plugs

    Al corriente Oct 29, 2019

    The packing was perfect with air sacks inside the box. Although the lowest cost shipment took awhile, I expected this and ordered well in advance.

    Enchufes de Iridium LMAR8BI-9 91909 NGK
    Encaja: SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2
    • SUZUKI V-STROM1000 14- VU51A 14.6- [Displacement] 1000 [Required number] 2

    Spark plugs

    Al corriente Oct 29, 2019

    The packing was perfect with air sacks inside the box. Although the lowest cost shipment took awhile, I expected this and ordered well in advance.

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