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XAM SPROCKET manufactures light sprockets by the original method to enhance durability by surface treating with hard alumite. This brand is getting popular in terms of various conformed vehicles and its performance in Japan.

XAM Diente frontal

GS50Spec to DR-Z50 for son's Minimoto race. I attached a Front sprocket. Although there is compatibility, since there is only a little gap between Snap ring, it is a bit uneasy unless you put Wash...

XAM Diente frontal

The Sprocket is looking good with High quality material and beautiful finishing.
Fit for My Honda Club Man GB400tt. I'm replace it from the original 14T because of need more speed. เป็นข้อมูลสำหรับ ...

XAM Serie CLASSIC Rueda dentada trasera

Purchase to change the number to 45 → 43. Because the hole diameter of Mounting Bolt is different, make it possible to mount by changing the hole diameter with Bush. To buy as it is purchase ProductNo...

XAM Diente frontal

Because I wanted to quickly shift the GEAR ratio, if I was looking for a product by changing the number of Front sprocket, I found a product of XAM. I am using it as soon as possible but I think that ...

XAM Diente frontal

Used to lower Chain size to 525. Rear is custom made with XAM. It will be a lot of help if you get it standardized by XAM. Because 520 is uneasy, it is 525th place, so vehicles that need to change Spr...

XAM Diente frontal

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Originally a Torque fully Twin-cam engine, I changed Drive sprocket from 14 T of NORMAL to 16 T considering high-speed driving.【How was it actually used?】 Cross Mi...

XAM Rueda dentada trasera serie PREMIUM

Along with full power, Chain also spoken, Sprocket also thought together and bought one more thing!I am satisfied with the appearance! I will try another one next time.

XAM Serie CLASSIC Rueda dentada trasera

I was looking for Sprocket with KSR 110's Aluminum Wheel attached to KSR 50.I am glad to have found a wonderfully desired Sprocket. I think that I am still running and I will probably run as expec...

XAM Diente frontal

Texture - system - For performance and current usage situationI do not have any dissatisfaction.From now on I can use it for a long time.The price may be a bit expensive, but I think it's somethin...

XAM Serie CLASSIC Rueda dentada trasera

I have been using it before.. There are also many Repeaters. I am using it with klx 125 and made it 428 → 420. Both Front rear set to 420 Size Sprocket and Chain to 420 Size. The OEM is 14 x 47, but I...

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