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DOREMI COLLECTION lineups mostly KAWASAKI Z series model parts and also reproduced genuine parts now unobtainable! Must-see parts for users who want to maintain their vehicle in a perfect condition.

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It is a very good touch, and it also has an Accessory Case attached to it so I want to add it quickly! I have not bought Fender Eliminator yet so I'm looking forward to the future.

DOREMI COLLECTION Barra de sujeción de la cubierta...

Cover fits perfectly in combination with original tail-cowl for Kawa Zephyr 750. The surface finish is gloss black and I won't paint it cause it looks very nice - Without schratches or irregularities ...

DOREMI COLLECTION cubierta lateral Emblema 750

I also bought a SIDEEmblem along with the Exterior Kit. In the past it seemed that Emblem was also included in the Exterior Kit, but recently Tank, SIDEEmblem has become to purchase separately and it ...


Before purchasing DOREMI's Emblem this time I used cheap Emblem. The color was Yellow sexy and it was thin and cheap texture was rolled out with LePera. DOREMI's Emblem is expensive but its ma...

DOREMI COLLECTION Z 1 / Z 2 Espejo largo / Corto C...

I bought two. One will not blur, but the other will break.Compared to OEM, it becomes Dress-up but visibility is lost.

DOREMI COLLECTION Kit Fender Eliminator for Z2 de ...

Open it. Bolt kind comes with RoseRose, there is no Instruction Manual, it is the worst. A shop!It is the first time. There are such sloppy shops!

DOREMI COLLECTION Kit Fender Eliminator for Z2 de ...

There is no manual, Bolt kind does not enter the bag RoseRose, too complicated and there is no instruction manual, you will not talk. So much, there is no complicated Instruction Manual, Shop is the f...

DOREMI COLLECTION Primero Modelo Tipo Pinza de tub...

Since it was diverted to KH 400, it was bent and used, so it is neither nor impossible.Although it is a little long at KH 400, OEM Product - Other Company Product We are satisfied because we are not s...

DOREMI COLLECTION Kit Fender Eliminator

The four points of the star are not within the position of the OEM Tail lamp.D1 as ZEPHYRSpec. It is Items necessary to make it ^ ^

DOREMI COLLECTION tapa del tanque

I am restoring the original parts of the car model well, I think that it is a good product with good accuracy and easy to install. The feeling of use is also good, I am doing a lot of trouble.

DOREMI COLLECTION Cargando tuerca del gancho

It was a product as I thought. There is no problem with installation and texture is perfect.Cospa is satisfied well also in terms of price.Image when I installed it on the car body just like I was sat...

DOREMI COLLECTION Cargando tuerca del gancho

Although I had a hard time thinking where I would get caught where I was going to catch behind, I found Loading Hook Nut, so when I purchased it I was satisfied as I expected, if there is any scratch,...

DOREMI COLLECTION Manómetro de vacío de 4 remos

Since the white Meter was very greatly legible, its adjustment was easy.Since I, the amateur, who used by CB1300 (SC40) also mastered easily, it was found useful very much.A Motorcycle is in a good mo...

DOREMI COLLECTION Manómetro de vacío de 4 remos

Since the carburetor carried out Inner-Parts exchange, alignment was also taken at this time.
I think that there are not a thing which it was hard to fasten since the Attachment to the Mani part was a...

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