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Engranaje de la motocicleta

JK-101 Riding Mesh Jacket Light KOMINE
al corriente Jul 25, 2017

Decent jacket ubt underestimated the siz...

Por Anonymous (1)DeMalaysia

I tried my best to measure myself and referred to the size chart but somehow ther L size that i bought was too tight for me. It would have been a great jacket long year summer season in Malaysia but its a shame thst i'm too damn fat to wear size L. For those who wish to buy, try to get a size bigger for better assurance.

YAR24 EVA Rain Poncho YAMAHA
al corriente Jul 21, 2017

It is not really breathable raincoat for...

Por Anonymous (7)DeHong Kong

I use it in the summer season and i found that it is not breathable because i was sweating after the rain was stopped.
It is not economic and the Price is little bit expensive for EVA raincoats. Will consider to buy another raincoat made by other materials next time.

YRJ09 Racing Chair in Bag YAMAHA
al corriente Jul 21, 2017

Good quality backpack

Por Anonymous (7)DeHong Kong

It is good quality backpack for travelling. I use it when i need to take a seat when necessary in the common area.
I would recommend friends to order one if they love Yamaha racing team . It is a good product for Yamaha Fans!

Scooter Raincoat HONDA RIDING GEAR
al corriente Jul 17, 2017

High quality scooter raincoat

Por Anonymous (7)DeHong Kong

It is a really good quality raincoat for rainy weather.
It fits my Honda Forza very well. I would recommend friends to buy it if they use Honda scooter.
It is breathable and easy to wear. I can use it frequently under these few rainy weeks.

GK-145 Super Fit Rain Gloves ACROPOLIS KOMINE
al corriente Jul 17, 2017

Wet hands in a waterproof gloves

Por Anonymous (1)DeHong Kong

Was using this in a downpour for a 15km trip in the city. My hands are all wet after 20 minutes of riding. Absolutely not waterproof. The waterproof membrane is too thin and very easy to tear.

al corriente Jul 16, 2017

Recommended for midsummer !!

Por Japan User(translated) (149338)DeJapan

It is a little hard now, but I pulled it before wearing it and it stretched out.Even during driving, it is not hot. Getting off Motorcycle is hot.

PJ-7103 Easy Ride Parka POWERAGE
al corriente Jul 16, 2017

It is cooler than Mesh!

Por Japan User(translated) (149338)DeJapan

Height 183 cm, weight 76 kg, Waist 85 cm, chest circumference 100 cm, Uniqlo is XL, this product purchased XL.We can afford to wear windproof Inner.Stretchy, light and cool.It may be good as Inner of Leather jacket.Design, we are satisfied with both the texture and Large.

WJ-737S Jeans KOMINE
al corriente Jul 16, 2017

It is a drawback that Size flies

Por Japan User(translated) (149338)DeJapan

Is my Waist 100? (40in) Although it is Size's Lineup 38 is next to 44 is too subtle. Hip is nice, but Waist gotta pull out unless Belt is done in Dub Dub.Regarding the making of Others, I am sorry that it is satisfactory enough.

XPN018 XP-3S Racing Boots XPD
al corriente Jul 16, 2017

Cospa strongest

Por Japan User(translated) (149338)DeJapan

Purchased at local baron at 26000 yen in August 2011. It will be used for six years this year at Pass On Lee.Ease of use has been good all the way from the new state. In so-called Takashi Hirohiro, it is difficult to choose ski shoes, but this is also perfect for footprints. Synthetic leather (Lorica) So do not be concerned about Maintenance, nor L...

Compact Boots Cover Short ROUGH&ROAD
al corriente Jul 14, 2017

It can be used normally without problems...

Por Japan User(translated) (149338)DeJapan

I purchased Boots cover for the first time, but there is no problem with installation and removal!Short is more universal!There is also a storage bag so it is convenient.

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