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Front Fork Guard K-FACTORY
Encaja: HONDA CB1300SF 03-07、CB1300SF -02、CB1300 SUPER BOLDOR 06-07、CB1100 10-14、CB750(RC42)、CB400SF 08-15 Revo、CB400Super BOLDOR 08-15 Revo、CB400SF VTEC 99-07(SPEC1-SPEC3)
  • HONDA CB1300SF 03-07、CB1300SF -02、CB1300 SUPER BOLDOR 06-07、CB1100 10-14、CB750(RC42)、CB400SF 08-15 Revo、CB400Super BOLDOR 08-15 Revo、CB400SF VTEC 99-07(SPEC1-SPEC3)
  • YAMAHA XJR1300 03-06、XJR1300 -02、XJR1200、FZR1000 89-95(3GM)
  • SUZUKI GS 1200 SS
  • BANDIT 1200 S - 05
  • ...y más.
al corriente Jan 16, 2018

Ottimo prodotto all'altezza dell'organiz...

Por Massimo Lo Curzio (1)DeItaly

I vostri prodotti non possono che abbellire e impreziosire la moto. Siete precisi e celeri nella spedizione . Avete un elevato standar di competenza.
Your products can only embellish and embellish the bike. You are accurate and quick in shipment. You have a high level of competence.
translated by Microsoft Translator

Fender Eliminator Kit K-FACTORY
Encaja: KAWASAKI Z900RS 2BL-ZR900C
al corriente Jan 16, 2018

Perfect fit, no effort installation.

Por Z900RS (1)DeAustralia

Instructions are in Japanese but have very good colour photos, comes with some plastic spacers and little locking rings for the factory grommets. Uses all standard bolts and screws.
Installation is a breeze, seat off, duck tail off (4mm hex), seat lock assembly off (10mm bolts) and then the 4 main hex head bolts (5mm) to remove the factory fend...

Master Cylinder Cap AGRAS
Encaja: KAWASAKI W800
al corriente Jan 15, 2018

Agras master cylinder cap

Por Kattaphan (8)DeThailand

Agras master cylinder cap ชิ้นงานคุณภาพ มีเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะตัว เสริมความโดดเด่นให้ W คันโปรด สั่งสินค้าจาก webike มั่นใจทุกขั้นตอน
Agras master cylinder cap piece of work of a unique quality, make please W. Order a product assured every step from webike
translated by Microsoft Translator

Injection Cover Small AGRAS
Encaja: KAWASAKI W800
al corriente Jan 15, 2018

Agras injection cover small

Por Kattaphan (8)DeThailand

Agras injection cover small หนึ่งผลิตภัณฑ์คุณภาพที่ชาว W800 ต้องมี รูปแบบที่มีเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะตัว พร้อมคำว่า W800 ไม่ซ้ำใคร สั่งสินค้าจาก webike รวดเร็วทันใจ ถึงชัวร์ 100%
Cover one small injection product quality Agras is a citizen of the W800 must have. A unique pattern with the words unique to the order from the W800 webike quickly to 100% for ...

Double Seat NitroHeads
Encaja: KAWASAKI W650/W400
  • KAWASAKI W650/W400
al corriente Jan 15, 2018

NitroHeads Double Seat

Por Tim Barwell (2)DeUnited States

Seat looks great and in my mind suits the bike. easy to fit took me around 10 minutes. I bought this as the original was giving me a bit of back ache during long rides. If this seats cures that not sure yet. Its rock hard but sure it will soften up with time. Seems well made and meets the description and photos in general pleased with the produ...

Long Idle Screw Mikuni
Encaja: Others TMR Carburetor MIKUNI
  • Others TMR Carburetor MIKUNI
al corriente Jan 14, 2018

Essential items for YOSHIMURATMR 40 MJN!

Por Japan User(translated) (155388)DeJapan

I attached it to TMR40MJN of YOSHIMURA.TMR is treated as a Racing cab, so Idling's stability is bad (><)Secondary Air problem caused by lean of famous VSeal (It will almost certainly develop on long-term use, add Shim etc etc etc. If we do not take countermeasures, it will not cure, but because it is a matter of design (^_^;) Moreover, it...

Aquaprova HG Rev Meter (Tachometer) DAYTONA
Encaja: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
al corriente Jan 13, 2018

It is good for substitute goods.

Por Japan User(translated) (155388)DeJapan

Tachometer of my favorite car KR is in the right now and Meter is also out of print, so I purchased it as a substitute.Easy installation, Waterproof Specification is good.Because there is not much error of rotation number with Normal meter so much, even if OEMMeter breaks down, it is durable Large. It is useful as a substitute for the event.

Front Fork Overhaul Kit BRC
Encaja: KAWASAKI Z400FX (E1-E4) 79-82
  • KAWASAKI Z400FX (E1-E4) 79-82
al corriente Jan 13, 2018

terrible. It is too cruel..

Por Japan User(translated) (155388)DeJapan

I was asked for ForkOH from acquaintances and nominated and purchased until Shop. The worst of the accuracy of Oil seal of the most important. I bought OEM again. Very annoying. As rumored it is still halfway Shop. I will not buy BRC products again!

LIGHT Bore Up Kit (82cc) KITACO
Encaja: HONDA APE50 (FNO.AC16-1000001-1599999
  • HONDA APE50 (FNO.AC16-1000001-1599999
  • HONDA DAX (FNO.CY50-1200013-)
  • HONDA TL50 (All models)
  • HONDA R&P (All models)
  • ...y más.
al corriente Jan 13, 2018

Installation is completed without proble...

Por Japan User(translated) (155388)DeJapan

I opened the 4th Engine for the first time.It was a long-established store truly made it possible to organize it with confidence!I think that it is good to refer to KITACO's cheat sheet or Net movie for the first time.

Stainless Steel Slash Cut Exhaust System U-CP
Encaja: KAWASAKI ELIMINATOR250V [Eliminator]
  • KAWASAKI ELIMINATOR250V [Eliminator]
al corriente Jan 13, 2018

Installed in ELIMINATOR 250V

Por Japan User(translated) (155388)DeJapan

It is installed in ELIMINATOR 250V which does not select at all when exhaust system is exchanged with new article from now.There is not much difficulties with regard to installation.Exhaust pipe and engine, Silencer Holder removed, the exhaust system will come off.As a precaution, when you order Gasket outside the company such as KITACO at the same...

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