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Piezas especiales / Accesorios
NUEVOLos comentarios nuevos
Engranaje de la motocicleta / Cascos
NUEVOLos comentarios nuevos
  • al corriente Jul 20, 2018这手套戴起来舒服
    In the summer, I like to wear half-finger gloves, which can better operate the mob...Lee mas
    al corriente Jul 19, 2018Good Genuine Parts f...
    My Pro Shade System is not damaged at all. I bought it If the Pro Shade System mechanism is damaged, I will replace the old one as soon as I need it. Because I have to use Pro Shade System on a day tr...Lee mas
  • al corriente Jul 19, 2018It's make me feel go...
    I used the Arai Rx7 RR5 helmet and my cheeks to decay over time. I use spare parts. And it makes me feel comfortable. Like wearing a new helmet.Lee mas
    al corriente Jul 19, 2018Good sun visor
    I use Arai RX7 RR5 Helmet, but I don't like changing shield helmets on the go. The shield was not easy to remove when Arai made Pro Shade System. I thought I could travel without changing the shield. ...Lee mas
  • al corriente Jul 18, 2018SHOEI的四分三头盔收到啦!
    Summer is here, I don't want to wear the full helmet. So I bought SHOEI's four-quarter hel...Lee mas
    al corriente Jul 17, 2018Good
    무광블루라서 색이 어떨가 궁금했는데 펄에 들어가 있어 퀄리티가 한층더 돋보이고 디자인이 개인취향이지만 나에게 있어선 마음에드는 디자인이라 매우만족한다 그리고 주문 4일만에 도착해서 더더욱 만족스럽다
    I was wondering what the color would be because of the matte blue, but it is in Pearl, a...Lee mas
  • al corriente Jul 17, 2018good spare part for ...
    When I take off and put on a helmet shield Then I found that the mechanism of the helmet began to wear. Lock shield does not. I installed a replacement of the worn one. It makes the shield turn back t...Lee mas
    al corriente Jul 17, 2018论护膝的重要性
    Everyone who fell in the car knows the importance of this kneepad. Although I d...Lee mas
  • al corriente Jul 17, 2018GOOD REPAIR PART
    I use it to repair the side of the helmet. Because it fell on the floor. And scratched I replaced the original. Make my helmet look beautiful.Lee mas
    al corriente Jul 17, 2018POWERAGE
    我的复古车型是CB1100 SC65
    POWERAGE这款手套 我购买的颜色是深棕色,手套的皮质非常软,果然!山羊皮的才有的质感...Lee mas
  • al corriente Jul 17, 2018komine
    防护方面:STD软甲,钛合金护块使得夹克更轻盈,活动性能更好...Lee mas
    al corriente Jul 16, 2018Natural companion
    I've equipped my SF-Z RAM4 Schwantz replica with this original Arai shield.
    It's easy to unmount the OEM one and mount this one, the only tool needed is a small Philips screwdriver - maybe a 1.5mm.
    ...Lee mas
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