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Silenciador del tubo de escape
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W800 combining nostalgia and newness.Air-cooled SOHC 4 valve pursuing beauty The vertical twin engine with a displacement of 773 cm 3 has a clear coat for buffing, chrome plating everywhere, and has acquired a tasty engine feeling with rich torque and response from the low speed range.In addition to high-quality painting, a tank emblem of chrome-plated finish is applied to the fuel tank that draws a beautiful curve, and a more refined feeling is added.In addition, the handle position and the seat shape set somewhat lower realize a natural and comfortable riding position.The meter panel displays a odometer, trip meter, clock on the liquid crystal screen in the meter, while keeping the classic twin-lens type, and the indicator lamp is also contained in the meter cleanly.In addition, it is equipped with a clutch lever, brake lever, which can easily adjust the position you like, and a center stand convenient for maintenance.In addition to the helmet lock, we also consider everyday ease of use, such as setting up a space to mount the U-shaped lock and ETC onboard unit under the seat. We have prepared a metallic ocean blue x pearl alpine white coloring for model 2016.
Desplazamiento 773 Tipo de motor Air-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 2-cylinder/SOHC/4 Valve
Salida máxima (ps) 48ps(35kw)/6500rpm Máximo par (kgf / m) 6.3kgf・m(62N・m)/2,500rpm
Peso del vehículo (peso seco) - Capacidad del tanque de combustible litro 14

OSCAR Accesorios para asientos

As my title describes it, I'm not sure if it's the same as the OEM one but it looks and performs exactly the same. The only thing that I have to subtract one star from my review is the lock nuts are not included, so hopefully you have ones at home or you will need to remove from the old seat, or go ...

AGRAS inyección cubierta Pequeño

AGRAS Injection Cover Small ตัวครอบหัวฉีด งาน cnc คุณภาพจาก agras สวยงาม ตรงรุ่น W800 ติดตั้งง่าย ชิ้นนี้เป็นขนาดเล็ก ลงตัวมากๆ
The crashes of the quality agras from the agate. The W800 is easy to install, this is a very small size.(translated by Google Translator)

World Walk universal Neo clásico visor de medidore...

I installed it in the SR 400 but there is considerable rectification effect. Especially on the highway it pretty much prevents the wind so Large is good for saving.On the cospar side it is about a quarter of OEM compared to OEM so it is also friendly to wallet!In addition, SR is just Size and instal...

BEET escape NASSERT TRAD V titanio / acero inoxida...

เป็นรถที่ขี่ดีและเท่ห์อย่างมีความเป็นเอกลักษณ์ วีไบค์ก้อเป็นเว็ปที่หาอะไหล่เสริมเติมแต่งได้ง่ายอยากได้อะไรก้อคลิกเลือกซื้อได้ตามใจชอบถึงมือรวดเร็วและสะดวกมากครับ...
It's a good ride and a cool ride. The bike is a web site to find the spare parts to add what you want to buy a fast and easy to buy.(t...

KAWASAKI Cargando tuerca del gancho

I already installed KAWASAKI Loading Hook Nut on my W800. It so beautiful. I really like it. KAWASAKI Loading Hook Nut easily to install by our self too.

MOTOR ROCK [TENEDOR] cubierta de engranajes cónico...

MOTOR ROCK [FORK] Bevel Gear Cover อัตลักษณ์ที่บ่งบอกความเป็น W จากค่าย Motorock เนื้องานคลาสสิก ลงตัว ติดตั้งง่าย
The identities of the W Motorock motocycle is a classic, easy installation.(translated by Google Translator)

DAYTONA Clásico Portador

It's a month and a half month from installation, mileage is about 1000 km. RearCase is Shad's 48?. Case content is almost clothing. I think that 5 kg is not included. Let's inquire Shop for the time being.

PLOT Cubierta de inyección

I didn't fancy the look of the original bike so I had to look for an upgrade. This cover fits the bill, and is large enough to cover everything and also matches the right side cover. The chrome is thick, it's relatively heavy and solid. One of the screws was impossible to install, so I exchanged wit...

KAWASAKI Cargando tuerca del gancho

KAWASAKI Loading Hook Nut ตะขอน๊อตหัวโช้ค งานคุณภาพจากคาวาซากิ ชุบโครเมี่ยมอย่างดี ติดตั้งง่าย ใช้ประโยชน์ได้ดีเยี่ยม
KAWASAKI Loading Hook Nut Hook Nut Quality work from Kawasaki Chromium plated, easy to install, easy to use.(translated by Google Translator)


增強點火COIL, 由原本每次點火燃燒1次數增强到3次, 同時電壓增强, 達到增强車輛動力效果。
加上令電油可燃燒得更徹底, 減少電油虛耗。
此外Plasma Direct 是直接取代原裝COIL。
無需外接電線或火牛, 免除漏電風險。...

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