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Proporcionada por la revista Motor Ltd.
Más Vistas puesto nº 11 de 77 modeloen KAWASAKI 126cc-250cc
mejores Marcas
Silenciador del tubo de escape
Piezas del motor

Manillares y Complementos
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Suspensiones / Estriberas / Ruedas / basculantes


Ninja 250 equipped with advanced technology derived from the race to a quality feeling beyond the scale of the quarter model.In the 2016 model, we changed the design of the instrument panel to improve the visibility, as well as renewing the coloring.Stylish and powerful full fairing, sharpened rear and tail.The assist & slipper clutch makes the operation feeling of the clutch lever light, making it possible to suppress hopping and slipping of the rear tire.A lightweight, slim diamond frame gains excellent strength, durability and rigidity balance.In addition, the front fork is a telescopic type boasting an inner tube diameter of 37 mm, which combines stability and comfort at various road conditions and speed ranges.Accessories such as single seat cover and smart bag are also enriched.It is made to be able to change the style according to the taste and use of the rider.The coloring of the 2017 model has prepared two colors of metallic spark black and candy plasma blue.
Desplazamiento 248 Tipo de motor Water-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 2-cylinder/DOHC/4 Valve
Salida máxima (ps) 31ps(23kw)/11000rpm Máximo par (kgf / m) 2.1kg・m(21N・m)/8500rpm
Peso del vehículo (peso seco) - Capacidad del tanque de combustible litro 17

TSUKIGI RACING Sistema de escape completo TR

There are many people who are said to be loud in sound, but if you change the Exhaust System, I think it is a matter of course, but I think that if you think about time zones and act, it will not cause troubles in the neighborhood.The sound is bass and I like it very much. And it is lighter than any...

IMPACT Kit de Aluminio Billet Multi estribera

I found this item where the OEM footpeg was worn, I bought it because the price is cheap and the position can be adjusted.The good point is that COSPA is good. Good appearance? (I like it) Easy to install and adjust.The downside is ...Since the Lever side can not be adjusted, depending on the size o...

EK Chain Cadena ThreeD 520Z

It is luxury goods, but it is beautiful anyhow. When you try to paint clearly and transparent Chain oil, Chain shines like a mirror without exaggeration (Lol). There were also round corners and not being caught in Dustcloth, Chain cleanup ran RankUp from pleasant work to the pleasure of Motorcycle l...

DAYTONA Negro Cubierta 2 Standard

2017 / 10 / 29 purchase, 2018 / 4 / 9 I write now..KomineAK100 became rumbled and changed it to this. Although compared with AK100,Nice thingcheapQuantity : 1pc. It is made of cloth and it is easy to fold when wearing it on Motorcycle or after removing itThere is a storage bag in Body but water can ...

DUNLOP TT900GP [140 / 70-17 MC 66H TL] Neumático

It is a substitute from IRC SpecR. Although it is used in VT 250 SPADA, Grip force - Both turnability are good impressions.Because it is only Circuit driving, it may be due to the car type and Setup, but it also receives a little touchdown area on the Middle bank, but the ground contact area at the ...


I bought it with Temp meter.There is only Sensor of this Screw Pitch being YOSHIMURA, and if it is Sensor of DAYTONAThere is none.There are things of Pitch to convert, but because I did not want to put it much, it became YOSHIMURA.Engine oil Because it is a blind Screw next to the bread, the removal...

NOJIMA GT medio de escape Slip-on

Because Moriwaki's Exhaust System gets tired when the sound is large and riding, I was looking for a quiet Exhaust System.Low to mid-spin is Torque up, making it easier to get on the street.Compared to MORIWAKI, high rotation is badly blown, and when I want to turn it I feel Stress.The sound is ...

GIVI MONOKEY Base [M5] Para la serie FZ

Although I purchased a new one for replacing the car, GIVI has patronized it for 13 years, but once there is not this I can not do Ron Two.

SSK Extremo original del manillar SSK

I was dissatisfied with the OEM's Bar End but by changing the appearance.. Because there are more people attaching POSH, I dared to SSK. Weight is lighter than OEM but vibration etc etc. There is not a problem at the moment.I think that the price is also conscientious.

DAYTONA Multi estribera para Big Bike

Because I used Rear Sets in the previous Motorcycle and it was familiar with it, I felt something strange in the Normal step ... I thought that I would change the footpeg? Because the price is price, I chose it in a preliminary sense for the time being. Is Back & Up about 2 cm or so, I feel like...

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