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Silenciador del tubo de escape
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Flexible high performance model with high performance and ease of handling Ninja ZX - 14R.It is possible to lightly enjoy the winding while having the power to demonstrate the phenomenal acceleration power.In addition, it is comfortable even for long distance touring, and it also has a casual feeling that it is possible to flush through the city.The balance between ultimate excitement and depth of birth is also a feature of successive Kawasaki and sports tourers.The new Ninja ZX - 14R insists on overwhelming presence in addition to a number of high - quality, high - performance equipments. The 2017 model, like the 2016 model, is scheduled to be released simultaneously in early October 2016, with a two-line lineup of a standard model and a high grade model. It is mainly color / graphic change and there is no specification change from 2016 model.
Desplazamiento 1441 Tipo de motor Water-cooled/4-stroke/Parallel 4-cylinder/DOHC/4 Valve
Salida máxima (ps) 200PS/10,000rpm Máximo par (kgf / m) 16.1kgf−m/7,500rpm
Peso del vehículo (peso seco) - Capacidad del tanque de combustible litro 22


It is a Tire that is initially installed in the GSX-S 750.The car that was riding in the past was HORNET 250, at that time I was wearing Dunlop's qualities Fire 2, GPR 300 so Bridgestone's Tire was the first time.Because the vehicle is different, although it can not be said unconditionally, ...

RAPiD BIKE RAPiDBIKE - FÁCIL [Rabbit Motorcycle Ea...

I felt that Torque had dropped a bit at Slip-on Silencer of SCP Project, so I bought it to correct the fire.1, Torque feeling Up2, reduction of emblem3, Reduction of unpleasant mechanical sound in low speed region of Kawasaki car specific?10R ride is better "I seem to have changed from Kawasaki...

SKF Juego de sello de horquilla

Low Friction can be compared by exchanging only one side when assembling parts. I do not understand honestly when I say that this low friction can be understood when driving. Since the movement of suspension is controlled by the damping force, the effect of low friction is Small. However, the Inner ...

RAPiD BIKE RAPiDBIKE - FÁCIL [Rabbit Motorcycle Ea...

I felt that Torque fell slightly with the Slip-on Silencer installed, so I bought it after investigating the fire condition etc.In purchasing, I reviewed the review of this site.First of all, about Torque feeling, same as OEM. I felt it was coming back to me.As you probably know, FOR JAPAN MODEL'...

OZ Racing GASS RS-A Rueda de aluminio forjado

It is a product of the impressed thing from the moment of opening the box ♪Installation was simple attachment!To be honest, Chrome is outstanding!It is quite a recommended item for those who want to face Doiya at the road station and Service E Rear!Motorcycle Osan like it gets crowded at cockroach H...

K’s-STYLE Protector de tanque

I used PLE of CLEVERWOLF before but I was not satisfied with the quality and exchanged it here.Other Brand Product has been made carefully and unexpectedly, Fit firmly to the 14 R Tank.It is not a feeling like cutting the edge of Pad with Scissors, it looks good as it is round like the Seal type.Alt...

TANAX Cowling Mirror 9

Simple to install. The kit includes all the necessary keys and screws. Easy to adjust. Good visibility. High quality of execution. Ideal for Kawasaki ZX - 14.

ZETA drenaje magnético Tornillo

I got lost as to where Drain bolt, but I thought that beautiful Blue is good and bought it. It is Exactly to D Tracker 125. After that, I'm going to see how much fade it is.

WebikeMode Tipo de cartucho de filtro de aceite

MotorcyclePartsShop is not in the vicinity, even if it can go, it has closed time and it is hard to get itWe responded quickly at webike's NetShop and purchased it so I am satisfied with Large. In addition, it was good because it was cheap and was able to purchase on a price basis.


Quality is not good compared to OEM. Perhaps it would be wise to discipline as much as price as such. I wish I had not bought it.. Making is slippery..

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