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    • HONDA X-11 99-01
    al corriente Mar 17, 2017Good
    The pieces are very well finished but not really adapted to OEM.
    I finally managed to install them but not so easily.
    Next time I will know but it is a bit disappointing.
    • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125) JC61 all models
    al corriente Mar 15, 2017Kitaco stage 2 cam
    Por LUKAS (5)DeAustralia
    I installed this cam on my GROM and boy has it made a good difference. It has created a bit of low to mid end lag, but the motor races off at 7000 rpm. Going from the oem 34 tooth sprocket up to the 3...
    • YAMAHA SR400
    al corriente Mar 11, 2017Work as it should
    Por Kim (9)DeMalaysia
    Well the popping sound from the muffler could be real annoying if u change to the after market muffler,I was told if i cancel the AI system the popping will gone.Yes it's true,but if you still having ...
    • KAWASAKI KSR110 (KL110A-000001-/KL110A-A04501-)
    • KLX110 (Models) (JKAKL110CCDA00058-)
    • KLX110 L (Models) (KL110CEA00001-)
    al corriente Mar 4, 2017must have !!
    must have this parts if you want to use takegawa clutch set and clutch cover, more zise oil pump make oil pump better... its worthed..
    • YAMAHA JOG-Z [Jog] II 06-07 q 5SW6 / 8 q
    • Remote control JOG-ZR [Jog] 06-07 [SA16J] (*5SW5 / 7
    • part 05 model (Body harness change in stock CDI and label affixed car) To fit. )
    • Remote control JOG [Jog] 06-07 (*5SU7 / 5 SUB [CV50R]
    • part 05 model. (Body harness change in stock CDI and label affixed car) To fit. )
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Mar 4, 2017กล่องเดย์แดง

    Then put the car ran very well over it.
    The car ran very well drive much faster, stronger, more clearly.
    Delivery service with great sensitivity.

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