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    al corriente Mar 4, 2017KITACO Aluminum Air Valve Review
    KITACO Aluminum Air Valve ตัวนี้ขายเป็นชิ้นสั่งมาครั้งแรกสั่งมา 1ชินนึกว่าได้มาเป็นคู่แต่มาแค่ 1ชิ้น เลยต้องสั่งมาใหม่อีกรอบ งานดี วัสดุคงทน ใช้งานได้เลยมีโลโก้แบรนใส่แล้วดูหล่อขึ้น...น่าใช้ครับ
    • YAMAHA 03 Majesty 180 -   Displacement : 180cc Front
    • PGO PMX50 SPORTS 00-03   Displacement : 50cc
    • VESPA T-REX125 99-00   Displacement : 125cc
    • PEUGEOT YP125F (Taiwan specification)   Displacement : 125cc
    • SUZUKI NEOS [Neos] 100 00-04   Displacement : 100cc
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Feb 9, 2017Causes wrecks- plastic garbage
    This company made the stock tires for the honda grom models from 2013-2016. The rubber compound in these tires are so hard it is closer to ABS plastic.
    %99 of all grom wrecks happen because of this...
    al corriente Jan 22, 2017If provided
    Recently thought that Handlebar is heavy, happy to air check at refueling, less than half.Doubt the Puncture, buying it in a hurry.For the time being, what is this Cylinders? Instruction Manual is unk...
    • YAMAHA TW225E 02 For the rear
    • HYOSUNG TW200 93|96-97|00-01 For the rear
    • SUZUKI RT125D Exhaust volume : 125 cc rear.
    • Bang Bang RV200 02-05|07-09|12|14|16 For the rear
    al corriente Jan 22, 2017Good
    From Ishibashi Tire's Block This is RecommendationGrip is also goodThere is nothing to slide unless you do not have a very Brown bank
    • YAMAHA WR250X (Supermoto) 07-14|16 For the rear
    • HONDA XR400 Motard 05-07 For the rear
    • MOTOGUZZI CALIFORNIA1100 06 For the rear
    • SUZUKI CB400FOUR (Water cooled) 98 For the rear
    • KAWASAKI SRX600 90 For the rear
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Jan 18, 2017It was BiasTire since OEM
    OEMBias→Dunlop GPR200→BS I used S20 and Radial for a long time and wore Bias for a long time.Used mainly in town, commuting. I do not drive to seek a special Grip, but I think that both Dry ...

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