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    • SUZUKI Address V100 03 【CE 13 A to 113473 and after】
    • Address V 100 02 【CE 13 A-106873 and after】
    • Address V100> 04 【CE 13 A - 129943 and after】
    al corriente Mar 17, 2017Reliable product
    Most noticeable among STD spring rate up from mid to hi RPM. Very recommended for bore up engine and big chamber.value for money
    • HONDA LEAD50 [Read] 1022348- [AF20]
    • CABINA [Cabin] (Frame number 1022348-) [AF33]
    • JOKER50 [The Joker] (Frame number 1022348-) [AF42]
    al corriente Mar 11, 2017belt
    Por Irina (8)DeRussia
    Bought this strap is of excellent replace the old original (honda ) to replace the old belt With him..the acceleration was quicker and smoother compared to the worn out like a rag.Recommend...
    • SUZUKI STREETMAGIC [Street Magic]
    • Address 110 / Street Magic 110
    • ADDRESSV100 [address]
    Por Irina (8)DeRussia
    Bought this strap is of excellent replace the old original (suzuki ) instead of the twenty Gramovich old belt..Remove the acceleration has become faster and smoother compared to the worn ou...
    • HONDA GROM (JC61-1000001-)/MSX125 (MLHJC618_D5000001-)
    al corriente Feb 26, 2017Best upgrade for Grom
    The Takegawa Clutch Cover is one of the best upgrades you can do for your msx125/grom, as it makes routine maintenance a breeze and prolongs engine life through proper oil filtering. In terms of quali...
    • HONDA TOPIC [Topics] Flex AF38 all models
    • TOPIC [Topics] Pro AF48-all models
    • LEAD 50 [Read] AF54 all models
    • GIORNO CREA [Giornocrea] AF62 all models [Compliance and other information] 4 st car
    • DIO [Audio] AF61 all models
    • ...y más.
    al corriente Feb 9, 2017Excellent simple upgrade
    Stock scooter - around 57km/hr max. Now top speed of ~65km/hr after adding the new pulley, also noted better acceleration. Very happy with the improved performance. Really easy to install. I tried lig...

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